Turbine wrong start sequence AC4.3.7

Hello, I have Jakadofsky turbine, I tryed to use the new turbine startup sequence but it no work maybe I do something wrong?

Jakadofsky ecu integrates its own governor So:

I set H_RSC_MODE = 2
I set RC10_function to 161 “turbine start”…

I placed servo instead of ecu and monitored the PWM on the RSC output and I don’t understand what it do:

interlock low and turbine start high I arm the AP.
RSC output ramp up directly to 2000 and just it achieve 2000 it go down to 1500 (turnine idle)
after I switch interlock to High and directly it rampup to 2000.

I tryed to put the Jakadofsky ecu and it not take the start order.

To work this function must to do like this:
turbine start sequence :
from 1000us
goto 1500us 3seconds
goto 2000us 3seconds
goto 1500us almost 3seconds…
all thing without ramp!

Can you tell me how to achieve that ?

Thank you.

You can create mission items to set servo positions as you describe with the pauses you describe, but outside of an auto mission maybe you would need scripting etc

Hi @kuspower , first of all, did you set H_RSC_IDLE to have idle at 1500us and H_RSC_SETPOINT to 100?
Secondarily, did you teach the ECU to match RSC outputs pwm?
The “turbine start” function performs the usual starting sequence (which is common to all hobby grade jet engine brands…), same applies for Jakas:

So for starting up the “switchology” sequence would be:

  1. motor interllock “low”, arm the copter → rsc goes from off to idle
  2. hit the turbinestart switch → rsc goes from idle to full power, then back to idle
  3. turbine starting
    4)once up and running switch motor interlock to “high”, turbine should ramp up to flight regime
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So I took out my Jakadofsky Pro5000, thought to make a brief explanatory video on the startup phase through ArduCopter.

To trigger the start I have used the “Turbine Start” function, so aux set 161 (in my case associated to the momentary switch on the X10 Express).
I have to say, there is indeed occasionally a timing problem with this specific engine requirement to trigger startup (I’m making a pr to fix this) , throttle output needs to stay at full power for a bit “longer” than other brands (I have tested the current logic successfully on Jetcat, KingTech and Wren). Alternatively, you can trigger the startup just by flicking the motor interlock forth and back.
Remember to set Disarm_delay to 0 and H_rsc_setpoint to 100.

Thank you so much all for your explanations.

I well set the H_RSC_IDLE to 50 and H_RSC_SETPOINT to 100.

I teach the ecu and now its working well.

I see on the video that you set the arm function to switch, I’m affraid to do that because if I make error in flyght by touching this switch I kill the heli…

There is security?

Hi @kuspower yeah this was just a “quick and dirty” setup, as you can see from the messy wires and tubes on that table. Normally, on professional gear, I use logical functions associated to a switch and a rotary pot. To arm / disarm it is necessary to activate the switch and fully turn the rotary pot, contemporary. This way you are safe against accidentally switching the “wrong one”, but you are quick enough in case things need to be shut off quickly.