Tuning values in Copter 3.4.2-rc2

Hi, I found an issue in Mission planner. I’m not sure if it is related to only this version. I can not increase PID values, only decreasing is possible (page Config/Tunning -> Extended Tuning). It is working when I load v3.3.3.

chances are your values are outside the normal acceptable range. so are being limited.

I would need more info to check if this is true or not.

I have loaded default values…

I have the same issue with 3.4.2

I am unable to increase any values on the Extended Tuning screen.

Did you find out what was causing your problem?

None of the values are not out of range, I can lower them, but I can not increase them.

If I revert back to V3.3.3, it works perfectly fine.

I’ve reverted to defaults, loaded rover or plane, then back to copter 3.4.2 and no change… unable to increase any values on the extended tuning screen.

This issue occurred when AutoTune was finished. But I’m sure if it is root cause…
I’m editing the values in full parameters tree, it works most of time.

Thank you, I will give that a try.

It still makes me a bit nervous because I feel there is something wrong that I’m overlooking.

Hopefully somebody is able to figure out the root cause.

Thanks again for the response, I really appreciate it!


Try USB cable if you have some troubles. I got sometimes “write” errors when trying set new PID values through telemetry.