Tuning Turn Rate Not working ArduRover 4.0

I have a large rover with 4 wheel independent steering. The front 2 wheels are hooked to the same motor driver and the back 2 wheels are hooked to another so they turn at the same time. It is a pretty heavy rover ~300lbs that’s why I used linear actuators as the steering mechanism (https://www.progressiveautomations.com/products/linear-actuator?variant=18277282775107). In manual and steering mode it works pretty well.

I am having issues tuning the turn rate on mission planner. It always seems to weave even with a low FF value. When I turn the wheels to the left and you put your hand controller stick to the center the wheels stay to the left. You have to move the hand controller stick to the right to make them move back. Is there a proper way to tune the steering for this?

Compass heading looks good as well so that is why I am thinking it may be that the wheels don’t come back to neutral when the controller stick is neutral? However the rover doesn’t move very fast, maybe 1-2 mph, so I am not sure why it is weaving drastically.