Tuning questions, but no log file

So from what I’ve gathered, the starting P for roll rate and pitch is from .8 to 2.0. So the first flight of my Tarot quad looks something like an rocket boosted paint shaker! At a third throttle it’s climb rate is off the chart and the oscillations on pitch/roll are crazy. It descends about the same alarming rate…like 9.8m/s2 : ) I brought the P for both roll/pitch down to .3, but it still has a slight oscillation so I’ll set up ch. 6 to .2 to .3 and see how that works. As for the reaction to vertical climb I set the Throttle Acc P to .5 and the I to 1.0 and the climb/descent seems a lot better. So, am I going in the right direction for tuning? Is there some in-depth guide to tuning? All I found was a short explanation of the functions and how to set rates to a radio dial lol! Is it out of the standard parameters because it may be a little overpowered? I’d really like to get a deeper understanding to tuning as I’ve got another Pixhawk I was going to put into a large mapping quad. Thanks!

Tarot 650 Quad
Sunny Sky 4108 motors
Dual Sky 40esc
Tarot 13/4 props
4s5ah battery

Starting RATE_*_P is nowhere near .8. For that thing, I would probably be starting out around .08.

Here is how I recommend you proceed:

  1. Make sure those ESCs are going to stay synced
  2. Load this hex, which fixes a really bad bug (it will likely be released as 3.1.3 shortly, if you’re more comfortable waiting on that): docs.google.com/file/d/0Byq6UG9 … ZRVEU/edit
  3. Tune the quad such that it will fly and hold and altitude
  4. Run autotune (no gimbals or payload, please)

Thanks for the .08, at least I know it’s ok to be well below .8. So what’s the bug? Thanks!

One more question, how do you apply that patch? Totally new to Arducopter! Can it be added within Mission planner or does it need to be added to the sketch (which I Know very little about) and recompiled? I hate not knowing stuff…

It is a compiled hex. Load it using mission planner.