Tuning PID Yaw for Photography

Hi, my first post! :smiley:

I have a 3dr X8. While reviewing my videos I noticed that I’m yawing pretty hard on the stick. I wanted to reduce the rate of rotation/yaw when I hit the stick. I know I can adjust it in the PID, but I’m wary of how much and which rate(s) I should change. I have the same default yaw settings as shown in orange on the wiki page.

I’d like the rate I yaw at to be half what I am currently set at, is this safe and okay? Any input appreciated.



I have found what works best for that is to adjust your exponential on your TX. This way it starts out nice and slow but if you need to ratoate fast it’s still there. Keep in mind the PID’s for yaw are for how the controller is using it too so if it’s too low it can wander a bit left and right. I’d try your TX adjustment first. I also found most TX sticks are too loose so I take the back off and tighten on the tension screw. Helped me a bit anyway.

Or you could blow $500 on a 3D gimbal :laughing: welcome to the forum BTW

Exponentials are a hood idea. Maybe reduce stabalise yaw t 4. Leave the other yaws alone. Reducing them nay end up with loose yaw control.

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Thank you both for your help. I’ll try tightening my stick and report back. Appreciate it very much! :smiley: