Tuning PID, trouble on Yaw

Hi everyone,
Sorry for my english, i’m french. :smiley:

I actually mount an octocopter based on Pixhawk. It’s my first one.
So once the basic parameters was installed, I was trying to fly.
The flight was nice but i have an offset on my yaw. I trying several times to touch the P stab and the p Rate on yaw, with i rate a little bit, but i havent a good behavior.
My offset is almost invisible, my copter don’t vibrate.
Here’s my problem:
When i touch the yaw stick manually, he turns correctly on CW but very bad on CCW.
I supposed it’s due to my PIDs values. And i don’t know how to do to improve it.
Anyone can help me?
Thanks for reading.

Bonjour tout le monde !

Je monte actuellement un octocoptère fonctionnant sur Pixhawk. C’est mon premier!
Après avoir installé les paramètres de base la carte (calibration etc…), j’ai essayé de voler.
Le vol était rassurant, mais j’ai remarqué qu’il y avait une erreur sur le YAW et qu’il tournait sur lui même en permanence. Je me suis renseigné sur les PID et j’ai essayé de modifier le P stabilize, et le P rate (toujours sur le yaw). Les vols suivants étaient plutôt concluants, j’ai quasiment annulé l’effet, mais en contrepartie un nouveau problème est survenu:
J’arrive très bien à la faire pivoter sur lui même dans le sens horaire, mais pas dans l’autre, j’ai beau mettre le stick à 100%, il ne tourne quasiment pas.

Quelqu’un peut m’aider pour corriger ce problème?
Merci d’avance !

Here my PIDs
Voici mes PIDs

Hard to say without logs, but the problem could be with your Rate Yaw Imax. It shows 10, which is extremely low. This should be more like 1000.

It also says “10” on my mission planner extended tuning page.
I changed it to 1000, and then noticed in the full parameter list it was set to 32767.
In the full parameter list I set it back to 1000, and then 10 appears in the extended tuning page.

Looks like a bug.

Ok, confirmed, this appears like an issue with MP. I’m not sure if it’s by design or not.

Go into the full parameter list, and set Rate_Yaw_Imax to 2000, or even 4500, and then go check in extended tuning and you see 20 or 45. Then, go for a fly, and see if that helps.

After many tests, i finally found the problem.

it come from one of my escs that have a bad soldered capacitor…
what a time i have wasted :cry:
thank for previous answers !