Tuning param panel cropped

When tuning on a lower resolution screen, i.e. 1280 x 720, the last row of “Graph This” parameters are lost (including the important vibex, vibey, vibez).

This screen appears when you tick on tuning and double click on the graph.

Maybe a quick solution is just to add another row.


I second that. So long as the display can be increased in heigh it could help alot to add a new row or a way to auto adjust with the neccesary ones according to the size of the screen, or may be a scroll bar.

A workaround for now is to click on the VIBE text on the flight data heads up display. This will bring up the vibration values, but it’s not graphed, so not very useful for finding harmonics.

I saw it. What I was looking at on the missing option is a way (if there is available) to graph the pitcht and roll vs desired pitch and desired roll while in flight so I can see if the option adjusted by ch6 are better or not whitout needing to download the entire flight at home for analyze. Do you know ir this option are possible in the hidden colum?

I don’t know how to get that real time graph without using the tuning panel’s missing column.

if you want to find harmonics try the MP fft, you need to log to DF at full imu rate though. ie 1000hz or 1600hz.

control-f > FFT

Thanks mate will check it.