Tuning item selection window: resize and scroll bars

The tuning item selection window does not allow resizing and the vertical scroll bar disappears as soon as you move the window. In practice with a laptop with 1366x768 screen resolution, you can’t select the bottom items.

Could resizing and scroll bars be added for future versions of Mission Planner?

Yes, that happens and it is a mesh. At home I have a 1920x1080 additional external monitor connected through a docking station, so I move the window to it and eventually (don’t remember how) can see all items.

Same for OSD display items on a 1366x768 display no way to scroll it.

Same, I think the UI getting from the system excludes the taskbar. if you set the taskbar to the left or right, you see the bottom row items.

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I’m also having problems with the bottom of the parameter being occluded. Hope it will be resolved in future versions.