Tuning issues. - please help

Built a stunning alien 560… running well. 2814-11, motors 30a esc, 4s 5000mah
Ran auto tune, which has made it more stable… and I can now fly it.

I still have a few issues.

1 - When in stabilise it pitches nose down as I push it hard accross the sky - This happens forward and back)
It does fly very fast in this mode, but looks like its pitching nose down 45 degrees. (how can I reduced the tilt)

2- copter constanly wobbles slowly back and forth in loiter when “nudged” by the wind or via TX… the loiter wobble make me nervous flying it. Stabilise is very rapid, but rocks back when I change direction, over shoot?

I know I need to alter the PID…

Rate roll/pitch? and or Rate loiter

I really welcome your response.

here are my settings

Have a photo? What GPS are you using? What autopilot?

Have a log? This is the log analysis forum.