Tuning for smooth stabilized leveling

My F450 quad responds very nicely and smooth to radio inputs, but in a little wind the auto level functions are quite aggressive and twitchy. Most of the videos that are posted show smooth and small corrections for wind. What parameters would soften the auto leveling functions?

Twitchy how? Does it oscillate? Do you hear a RrRrRrRrRr noise? Is this in stabilize or loiter?

My suggestion is:

  • Run autotune with the copter in its lightest possible configuration.
  • Back off STB_P gains to feel (minimum being maybe 4, maximum being whatever autotune chooses)

I probably didn’t describe the issue properly. In no wind the quad is quite stable with relatively small corrections to level. This is in all modes. When there is a little wind, 5 or so, the corrections are quick and drastic. The quad will dip 10 to 15 degrees very quickly. At first I thought it was going out of control but it is just correcting quickly and with very large movements. My naza in the same wind corrects but the movements are small and smooth with a minimum of dipping. I’m sure it is the tuning, but I don’t know which pids control the auto level/stabilize functions. I think they are just set too aggressive. The behavior is in all modes. I have set stabilize roll and pitch down to 2.5 thinking that would soften it up, but that hasn’t helped. Is it possible that having the stabilize roll and pitch this low could cause this behavior. Maybe the error gets too large and it over corrects? I will try higher values and see if it changes.

Do you have a log? You still haven’t described the issue fully. Are you talking about loiter and other position-control modes, or stabilize?

The aggressive moves are visible in all modes (stabilize, alt hold, loiter). I am attaching the latest log. The wind was about 5 and a little gusting. I flew the apm and the dji with the same conditions. The dji flew quite docile and the corrections for gust and wind were nearly invisible, just a slight correction. The apm corrected with large and rapid pitch and roll movements. At times it would seem that the quad may go out of control, but it would return to level until another correction. It is flyable, but it is nerve wracking.

This copter is definitely not autotuned. Please run the autotune procedure with the copter in its lightest configuration (no payload)

It may take a long time for it to get to the right gains from your starting point. If pitch is unstable when you put a new battery in, back it off about 20% and then rerun autotune - it should finish very rapidly the second time around.

I’ll give auto tune a try-I tried auto tune when it first was available and the results weren’t very good and it flew better before the auto tune. That was some time ago and I believe on a different firmware version. I’ll post when I get a chance to do the auto tune. Thank you.