Tuning advice, weaves between straight waypoints?

This is my first rover build, coming from a few years of copter experience. I managed a lap around my neighborhood but it weaves between waypoints. What are the main tuning params I should check out? I saved the steering trim. I’m guessing I need to play with the turn rate tuning?

Here’s a Log

Yes you do:

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Tuning the L1 Navigation controller will fix this. It’s easy if you follow the Wiki and have telemetry back to the ground station. Otherwise it’s a bit time consuming.

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Sounds good. Main thing is I don’t have telem to a GC at the moment on this. If I were to guess and check, would It mostly be increasing the [NAVL1_PERIOD] until it doesn’t weave?

Yes. You did the Turn Rate Controller already?

When I tuned the last Rover I recall thinking how easy it would be if we had Live Tuning like Copter.

Note: I laughed when I saw your route. I did a simialr thing but tried to stay on the sidewalk to avoid cars. But then dog walkers were annoyed. Not to mention it won’t consistantly stay on the sidewalk with standard GPS. I have crashed into lot’s of things with the Rover :grinning: But now I have a camera and a 2W VTX on it.

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I didn’t do the turn rate controller yet.

We managed to get all the way around the neighborhood without hitting anything (despited some narrow misses) and only had to pick it up once to avoid a car :slight_smile:

Ah, well these need to be done in the order they are in the Wiki.

Nice experiment. Surely you can solve the steering problem; on a similar experiment I occasionally observed it.

I dón’t know your Rover type. If you continue the experiment (solving before the steering problem), your speed seems very low (WP_SPEED=1.5). Using RTK on circuit I ran with:
-up to 4 m/s on 4m wide circuit,
-up to 1.5 m/s on 2m wide circuit,
with constant speed (pending to test DO_CHANGE_SPEED waypoints), before visibly the car speed seemed excessive approaching curves.

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