Tuning Advice Needed For Heavy Quadcopter

The Notch filter results look good. Now disable INS_LOG_BAT_MASK (0) so your subsequent logs are not gigantic like your Autotune log is.

It’s pointless to do an Auotune when it’s windy and I see no evidence it was successful. Compare the PID values for yourself.

When posting logs for inquiry don’t post the Auto tune log. Make another flight after Autotune has succeeded and post that one. .


Thank you for your advice and sorry for the trouble.
I will wait for a calm weather and do your suggestions.

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could you tell us more about wind ? was it spinning or it was in one direction ?
i can see strong asymmetry response in autotune log, this pattern only must happen with spinning wind

@hosein_gh, yes indeed there was a spinning wind.
This morning there was no wind and we were able to tune to quad less than 20 minutes.
@dkemxr, I attached the logs by setting the log parameter as you suggested.
Could you please look at them?
It looks like they are fine.
Could the flight be any better?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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your tune is now much better

but i think it could be better ,first save all parameters with mission planner then try to run autotune again only on roll and pitch with AUTOTUNE_AGGR = 0.1

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@hosein_gh, thank you so much for the quick look.
I will do your suggestion immediately and if there is no wind afternoon, I will fly and send the logs.


@hosein_gh the wind was OK so we did the flight.
Could you please look at the 00000023.BIN?
Thanks :slight_smile:

OK looks good
no change on roll

but better result on pitch

its could be better with some manual tuning but for a 24.5 inch copter its good enough

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Hosein, thanks for all of your efforts.
It flies pretty well for us, too.
We will do some additional tests on windy conditions.
Best wishes…

Can I ask what the final PIDs were? All the log links seem to be not broken :frowning:

@Mustafa_Gokce Yes, could you please re share your final PID values? All your links are broken.