Tuning a disco clone with a neo7


I’m running apm 2.6 with a neo7 GPS/Compass from hobby king. I’ve run compassmot as well as all of the other recommended setup and tuning steps. I’ve run auto tune a couple of times and my quad never feels “right”. In loiter it toilet bowls and for brief periods of times seems very unstable in alt hold and loiter modes.

When I ran compassmot the results seemed too good to be true. I think that I have read that the neo7 can be configured a number of different ways. Are there any extra steps that I need to take to utilize this compass/gps properly?

Attached is a log file from my most recent flight.


I did a little more flying to try and eliminate any errors that I could have missed or errors in tuning that I caused. I recalibrated the compass and it seems to be oriented correctly. It seems like every step points to something wrong with the compass.

Does anyone have a recommend a next step to help me find the problem?