Tune max/min output in skid steering


I’m running rover 2.50 with skid steering. I have configured my rc1_min and rc3_min to 1100, trim to 1500 and max to 1900, as per the specs of my motors.

However, when I look at the live tuning while the rover is pivot turning, it will never max out any of the channels. Even if it’s struggling to turn (it’s a boat). It will only go like 1700 max. I would like it to max out one channel and minimum on the other channel, to get max turning momentum.

Is there any way to affect the max and mins during turning? Or am I in the hands of the algorithm?


I have had this on my track drive robot as well. I did a few thngs that seemed to have some effect. Make sure that the turning radius is set to 0. Skid steers can get away with such a low number. I also had some luck with adjjsting the parameter that controls how much the vehicle should slow down before corners. I am very new to this game and can’t answer you question with authority but just a few things I have tried.