Tune an overpowerede hexa

Hi, I’m working on a F550 clon with a pixhawk and arducopter 3.5.7.
My motors are MN2213, 950Kv on a 4S LiPo.
The MOT_THST_HOVER was automatically set to 0.17 (and I think it will be lower on the next flights)
I want to make Climb rate much lower than my current value. But Climb sensitivity is 0.5 (the lowest value). Is there a way to make it?

BTW, I will put more weight in the future (on board computer, a cammera and maybe a gimbal), but right now I need to tune with this setup and I don’t have a 3S battery.


MOT_THRST_EXPO, but I’m not sure if you go larger or smaller to soften it .

lower expo means “softer” response for throttle