TSA 700G poshold after autotune but some position drift

I try autotune in my TSA 700G gas engine helicopter, and then fly in poshold mode for compare
you could see below
tsa 700g poshold after autotune - YouTube

and I find there is some position drift, then I check the log

so, Is that caused by viberatio because I find some twists in ATT.Roll

@jinchengde If you had tuned this aircraft on your own prior to running autotune, please post a log from a flight with your tune. Also please post the log from the flight you show above after the autotune. I would like to see the settings before and after autotune. Although it is named autotune, it is more like an assisted tuning.

Also, there is more going on when you use position hold. It uses the position controller to hold position with the sticks centered and then when you are moving the stick, it starts using just the attitude controller. Did you fly this in stabilize and evaluate the performance of the autotune?

thanks @bnsgeyer for your reply.
I’m afraid I had clean the log for autotune, there is only the log for the flight I had show above after autotune
log after autotune
as your said, maybe that is caused by position controller, so I will try to increase PSC_VELXY_D or some other parameters in PSC in next flight test
for the performance in stabilize, to be honest, I didn’t feel too much change before autotune, because I’m not experienced in rc helicopter.