Trying to use Micro MinimOSD

So i am using a PH2.1 and am trying to get an OSD system setup overlaying on my FPV cam output (RunCam Owl 2). I am trying to use a Micro MinimOSD.

I was trying to use the MicroMinimOSD-Extra firmware, but ran into issues (latest firmware MinimOsd_Extra_Uni.938DV-MAVLINK-release.hex) yeilds no overlay at all, i had to go back to version 880 for anything to be displayed at all. But even that is giving me issues.

Could anyone recommend a version of minimosd-extra firmware version that worked for them with a Pixhawk (preferably a 2.1) and a Micro MinimOSD?

Is the latest MWOSD a viable alternative (the scarab-OSD branch)?


I’m also experimenting with the minimOSD…
Lots os issues… ( BAT 2 warning always on / not stable and so on… )
I would be intressted on a solution for this…
Is somebody having a good working osd ?
With wich software ?

Thanks in advance

I had trouble loading the latest version w/ the basic config software. It’s been a couple weeks since I worked on it, but if I remember correctly, it did like you’re saying… It said it loaded the new firmware, but then I didn’t get any overlay.
But, clearing the config in the arduino software and then reloading the latest version from scratch in the arduino software did work.
So, it seems like there is an issue that the devs need to address… But you can work around it by manually resetting everything.

If there is another OSD arducopter people are using, I’d love to hear about it, too.

I’m using this

Me too… That’s the one where I was running 8__ (sorry don’t know exactly which) and then tried updating to the latest one as of a couple weeks ago… I got no overlay and in the config software it had some garbage characters listed for the firmware version.
But, after resetting everything in the arduino software and re-loading, it’s all fine.

wicked1 that sounds good…
But i don’t know how to reset everything in the arduino software…
Can you explain what to do ?

Thanks in advance

this is for professional use