Trying to operate payload release on Solo 3DR

Hey guys,
I installed a payload release this morning on my Solo 3DR and per the instructions, I tried to set the RC7_Function to 1 but it wasn’t there. After a quick search on this forum, I found out that the RC in and Servo out were split and that what I was looking for is now called Servo7_Function. I changed the parameter and got the payload system to lock but it’s won’t open. I’m hoping someone here that is smarter than me can tell me what the problem is because I don’t know what any of this stuff means and I’m just trying to follow instructions. Is this a parameter issue or more likely a bad solder? I appreciate your help!

At the very minimum, a parameter file would be easier than guessing.

You haven’t mentioned how you are trying to trigger the channel, what type of payload lock (servo?)
Have you set minimums and maximums?
Do you have Camera trigger engaged?
What AuxOut are you plugging the payload into?

The more information the easier it is to help.

Hey Mike,
I appreciate the reply. I’m using this servo system.

Per the instructions, it is supposed to be triggered by the pause button channel 7. Long press should close the pin (it does) and a short press should open the pin (it doesn’t).
I have not set min/max and I honestly don’t know what that means.
I am not pushing the camera trigger.
The servo is connected to pin 19 on the circuit board.
I hope I answered your questions. I sincerely appreciate any guidance you’re willing and able to give.

Hey Joshuah,

I’m also have the exact same problem. Did you end up working it out?

Have you done the internal soldering required to connect the PWM outputs?


Hey! I sure did. When you hold down the pause button you get a vibration in the controller. If you continue to hold past the first vibration, you’ll get a second vibration right after a second or two later. I can’t remember which off the top of my head but if you let go after the first vibration you get either the open or close action. The second vibration is the opposite action.

I hope this makes sense. Try to let go after the 1st vibration and see what happens. Then hold until second vibration and see what happens. It’s not a toggle but rather two separate actions.

Let me know if that works.


Hey Mate,

Yes, you’re right, it’s a little different to the factory setup… Thanks for the tip!

Hey Peter,

Yea, I have done the soldering as per the instructions. I actually have another drone that I also modded in this way. The only difference is that I have upgraded to the open solo parameters on this new drone

I have connected the servo to pin 19 and set servo7_function to 1. The long press on pause activates the high output but then there is no low output on short or long hold