Trying to get Dronkit / PyMavlink working with Cube Orange and their ADS-B carrier board

Just having a ton of issues with this. We finally got it connecting over radio, but the heart beat messages are not standard - apparently (we could be way wrong on what we are reading).

I have it fairly documented here: Connect to drone via HereLink and Drone-kit Python - HereLink - Cubepilot

But in short, when connecting to this FC with ArduPilot 4.1.1 (official and beta), we get this error back:

dronekit.APIException: mode (0, 0) not available on mavlink definition
ERROR:dronekit:Exception in message handler for HEARTBEAT

More documentation here: dronekit.APIException: mode (0, 4) not available on mavlink definition · Issue #1024 · dronekit/dronekit-python · GitHub but based on what they say and what we are seeing, the ADS-B response that is being added to the mavlink message is not supported or is not standard which then breaks any external scripting you are trying to run.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or suggestions?

Hello, has this been solved?
I’m trying to connect cube orange and raspberry pi via mavlink and I always get the same error message

Getting the same error.

Have anyone solved this. Please suggest the Solution.