Trying to build master

Am trying to build the master with Qt5 on Ubuntu 14. It does not build with the following errors:

ed@ubuntu:~/dev/Qt/apm_planner$ qmake qgroundcontrol.proProject MESSAGE: Qt version 5.2.1
Project MESSAGE: Linux build x64_86
Project MESSAGE: Release flavor
Project MESSAGE: BASEDIR /home/ed/dev/Qt/apm_planner DESTDIR /home/ed/dev/Qt/apm_planner/release TARGET apmplanner2
/home/ed/dev/Qt/apm_planner/QGCExternalLibs.pri:379: Extra characters after test expression.
Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: script declarative webkit phonon svg

I noticed in the readme that Bill recently updated, that the necessary dependent packages for Qt5 have not yet been specified. I suspect this is my problem so any chance someone can tell me what the necessary dependent packages are? If that is not my problem then can someone please advise?

BTW I have already installed the dependent packages for Qt4 that are already in the readme.

Also BTW I had to delete the empty plugins.qmltypes in the Webkit package which was also throwing an error when I tried to build.



I would suggest making sure you build is clean and your checkout is clean

see for how to clean up git and build error

Just delete the directory and clone a new clean repo.

I’ll try it again, but note that everything I did was virgin including setting up Ubuntu. This was the very first time I’ve built APM planner on Ubuntu so I suspect there is some package necessary for qt5 that has not been installed on my machine and is not documented in the readme.


That’s right, the Qt5 packages required are differently named.

We will get the readme instructions updated soon.


Syned with the master and using the updated README file I have now installed the specified packages and the build got much further. Am now failing the link with the error:

cannot find -lGL

I’m assuming this is the OpenGL library. I tried installing freeglut3-dev to no avail. Do you have any suggestions?



Not sure what munged my libGL, perhaps the installation of Qt, but I was able to get it resolved and build the master branch successfully on ubuntu.