Trying my best here! Data Logs

So I tried the next step in getting my tri copter to fly and had a crash on my first flight. After a short time of hovering the craft started to climb and hit the roof. Thank goodness I was inside or bye bye copter!

Anyways, it was suggested I post a log to help diagnose my trouble. The problem is I cannot get to them! All of the help tutorials are for mission planner, not APM Planner 2.0.

I have been able to download the logs in the past but now all I get in the terminal screen are scrolling random characters.

How can I get to my logs to diagnose my issues?

Go to to graphs view and click log download button.

Okay, I am dumb! I was able to find them. Funny, before the download button was not lit and not available to be clicked.

Now there a lot of logs and they all have the same date. How do I determine which one to down load?

And finally, why does the terminal view only display gibberish?

There’s no time stamp on APM2.x hardware. It’s best guess for date. It should be the current download time in that case.

The terminal was removed the save space for the 3.2 firmware to fit.

Thanks Billbooney for all you help!

So I really have no idea which log to share.

I can load them in the graph but I don’t really know what I am looking for in order to find which one to share. I am guessing the logs with zero bytes are empty and not worth sharing.

So, which ones should I load or what should I look for in determining which to share? I hate to just dump everything here for others to review.

Also, is there a way to analyze the log like in the mission planner online videos by painless360 using Planner 2.0.

RE- which log to load
I have had that same issue. I have noticed that the list of logs on the flash memory is listed newest at the bottom whereas when you use your Mac and and navigate to the list the newest is on the top… just to really keep it interesting! :laughing: And the date and time never seem quite right. I have often wrote down the file sizes of the last couple then fly then look again at one with a new file size to be sure. I think an awesome feature in MP2 would be a ‘rename last log?’ promt so if you had a special event you for sure wanted to review you could add something like ‘best alt hold.bin’ etc