Troubleshooting section


I’m sorry if it has been discussed before.

How about a troubleshooting section will be added to each wiki page (or wherever it is needed)?

For example, this page:
G+±4.7 doesn’t exist in some repos. And for newbies in linux, this is sometimes an unknown error.
(Troubleshooting this would be simply adding another repo url)

Is this something this community needs in your opinion?


As a general question that really depends on what “level” of user a document is targeting.

I think for this particular page and the example you have given the answer is “no” - users of this page are likely to be sufficiently competent to understand that if they can’t find a particular tool they need to search for possible reasons.

Also for this document, I would tend to add troubleshooting as a section if there are LOTs of things that could go wrong. For just one likely issue, I’d tend to add a note “in place”.