Troubleshooting prearm failure

I had my pixhawk-equipped quad with me in the backcountry yesterday, and prearm failed (double-blinking yellow). I need to travel light, so I didnt have a ground control setup with me. Is there any way for me to figure out why prearm failed after the fact? As far as I can see, it’s not even logging anything to dataflash when this happens.

Best way would be to change the log bit mask to include the Pre-Arm on the log. And you can use a smartphone as a Ground Control Station and still travel light :slight_smile:

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I created a custom minimosd clone for this:
It shows me the reason for arm failure.


perhaps you should join efforts with night-ghost here:

check the ardupilot wiki

but original poster didn’t refer the existence of osd equipment, that would also require even more hardware, like monitor/goggles :slight_smile:

Nice work on the OSD!
. Yup, I guess I could have specified a bit more, but I did carry an OSD setup for filming so that would have been an option.

Thanks for the tips!