Troubles after upgrade to 3.5.0

sorry for my french english
yesterday I upgrade my hexa to 3.5.0
Lot of problems after.
Led status always in fix red instead flashing bleu and green when gps fix, 4 gps fixed on 10
Voltage and current battery wrong, always at 25V
Flying time reduced to 17mn, before more than 25mn
No log on SD card, and bad logs on PC
MP V 1.3.49
uncompatible FW with QGcontrol
very long time for autotune, about 17mn just for roll and pitch, but not finish, crash of my hexa because no battey alarm (setup at 21V).

Have you few issues?
I downgrade to 3.4 and voltage/current is ok.

My experience is just the opposite. My first Autotune in March took 12 minutes with FW 3.4. Last night the Autotune with the same Quad-copter but now with FW 3.5.0 took just 6 minutes with all three: Roll, Pitch and Yaw - param no =7. And the PosHold kept the Quad in a very small area. The result is perfect. My voltage-Amp is now working too, since I upgraded Mission Planner to V 1.3.49. If you don’t believe this I will post the log file, if you wish.
My thanks to the Dev. Team, great Job again.

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I had similar issues with voltage and current.

I had been running rc-7 and every thing was fine.

When I upgraded to 3.5.0 voltage was fine, but current was way off.

The fix is to re-calibrate the batter monitor…

You need a charger that will display the total amount of current charged.

The basic process is you take a fresh battery and make a flight of 5 minutes or so, land, disarm and unplug the battery.
Charge the battery and record the mAh charged. We will call this number “CHARGED_MAH”

Now take a look at the flight logs and find the total current used. We will call this number “LOGGED_MAH”.

Next look at the BATT_AMP_PERVOLT parameter and record that number (by default its something like 17…). We will call this number “OLD_AMP_PERVOLT”

So, let’s say LOGGED_MAH was 1300Mah, and CHARGED_MAH was 1500mAh, and OLD_AMP_PERVOLT was 17.

We can use this formula:


NEW_AMP_VOLT = (17 x 1500) / 1300
NEW_AMP_VOLT = 25,500 / 1300
NEW_AMP_VOLT = 19.61

Set BAT_AMP_VOLT to 19.61 and click “Write Params”

Take a fresh battery and make another 5 minute flight.

After one or two iterations you should be well within ± 200mAh…