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Trouble with trim

So I am working to build a coax copter using the latest 4.03 build.

I centered all the servos for the flaps when I mounted everything and while I need to make some design improvements to the flaps I have one major issue.
When the machine is started and and the safety switch is pressed. All servos appear to move all to the same end position. With the machine armed they all move with stick input. But none move to center when the stick input is released, all tend to roll in the same direction. If I push pitch forward I get one flap moving and the other hangs back till I move the stick farther. None of the flaps are in sync or balanced with each other. I have mess around with the trim and min max…no luck.
I ma using the coaxial copter format with the 4 independent flaps.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

this is just the integrator in the PID, unless your flying don’t expect the flaps to do what you would expect unless you go through and zero all the I terms.

So this is the expected behavior.
I ask because when I read the documentation I was expecting a certain behavior from the flaps. However if this is the case, then I will set the min and max and give it a whirl.

yeah, take it easy to start with, setup e-stop on a switch (RCx_OPTION 31). You can hang it from a bit of string, or some other cunning contraption, to try and minimize breakages.

oh good idea.
Something to jam on the breaks when something goes sideways.

And yes tie it down in some way.

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