Trouble with SIK radio telemetry in mission planner

I just received a pixhawk 2.4.8 with a 915MHZ radio telemetry module. After plugging it in to my laptop and turning on the pixhawk windows wouldn’t recognize the telemetry module. After a great deal of trouble with drivers I manged to get my PC to detect the usb side of the telemetry as a COM. I figured this would be the end of it and the thing would work properly. The telemetries seems to be communicating with each other since I can load settings and upload firmware via the initial setup tab of mission planner but whenever I try and connect to the pixhawk I get a ‘no heart beat packet received’ error. My baud rate is correctly set at 57 and I can communicate with the board through a direct usb connection, so i’m not sure what the cause of the error is stemming from. If anyone has any solutions I would be very happy. I’ve been troubleshooting this for several hours now to no avail .