Trouble with Maxbotix i2c

I’m trying to connect a Maxbotix 1242 I2CXL to Rover and I’m not having much luck, the values for rangefinder1 and sonarrange are always 0.

I tested the sensor with an Arduino sketch and it seems to work fine.

My sensor is currently set to the default address of 112 decimal. (i’ve also set RNGFND1_ADDR to 112 as well (but that doesn’t look like it gets used see below). RNGFND1_TYPE is set to 2.

Hardware (Pixracer):

  • fmuv4 0030002D 34355106 37363434
  • ChibiOS: 0997003f
  • ArduRover V4.0.0 (0e52bafa)

My GPS and the Maxbotix sensor are connected to the i2c bus using a splitter(I used the splitter while testing the sensor with an ardunio).

I actually have two of these sensors, but I’m trying to get one working first (walk before running…)
and it looks like I need to wait for to get merged?

I originally followed the guide on the wiki but it doesn’t have any troubleshooting info.

I’m not sure what other information would be useful, so just let me know :slight_smile:

I updated to the latest dev version and I’m getting range finder data now;
sha: e137698a4a5a0c99c41f63fe1a9455673c24011a
Fri Jul 17 23:08:00 2020 +0200