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Trouble with Jeti DS12 flight modes and pixhawk cube orange

So, i’m trying to do a setup onto a VTOL drone/plane on my Jeti DS12, but i cannot get the flightmodes to work. I am using a REX7 receiver, which is plugged into RC IN with E2 port configured into PPM pos out. Do i need another wire into the autopilot from CH5 for the flight modes, or do i have something else wrong with my setup? Thank you in advance!

I’ll give more info on the situation. Missionplanner sees my switches move, when i do the radio calibration and if i map channel 5 and 6 as rc pass thru, but flightmodes won’t change. I also put the pwm ranges into the ones missionplanner/ pixhawk manuals want (1165, 1295, 1425, 1555, 1685, 1815) but with zero effect, still no flightmodes changing. I have really run out of ideas on what should i do.

No pass trough, only Channel 5 set with a mix to obtain 6 PWM values for flight modes.

I actually got it working now, but now i have to figure out how to get out 5 flight modes plus if it is possible to assign rtl to an individual switch that overrides other flight modes when flipped.

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