Trouble with COMPort

For a project we’re building ardupilot quadcopter drone. We are using a PXFmini and Raspberry PiZero to control the drone. Somewhat following this article. We got the software and autopilot uploaded to the pi, but now we can’t seem to get the pi/pxfmini combo connected to the Mission Planner software.
We get this message when we try to connect it

we click okay, and then get:

We think it’s an issue having to do with a COMPort

We can’t get the correct port to show up we just see this:

We updated drivers but we just aren’t sure what we’re doing wrong. We’re using a microUSB to usb cable to connect the pi to our computer.

How do you launch ardupilot on the rpi?

Use Mission Planner as the GCS, thats the only way I can help

We set it up so that pi always has the autopilot running if that’s what you mean.
We’re very new to this and don’t understand a lot of what we’re doing. What do you mean by use Mission planner as the gcs?


Not sure if this helps - I started using a new PC recently to config my drone via USB and initially it was not showing the right COM port either. Some investigation revealed that I had not installed the USB UART Driver. Once I did that things worked out nicely. I diagnosed this in the Windows Control Panel where I could see a device without drivers…

You’re problem might be totally different of course, but the symptom is the same.

And to your other question - many people here use the Mission Planner software to config the drone - the software on the PC is generally referred to as GCS or GroundControlStation.


you cant upload a firmware, while connected to the RPI. you need to be directly connected to the autopilot

How do we directly connect to the autopilot? Our autopilot is saudered onto the Rpi and there’s no way I don’t think to directly connect to the PXFmini