Trouble with camera PAN

I am having an issue with camera panning. When I click on Mission Planner to Point Camera Here, it seems to be using Earth based 0 to 360 degree angle instead of how the copter is pointed. My gimbal can only PAN -125 degrees to 125 degrees from center. If I have the copter pointed in a South Direction, it seems to not consider the copter heading. For example, with the copter pointed South (i.e. 180 degrees), if I click a point directly on the heading line the camera should point directly forward. Instead it tries to point in the opposite direction. If I however click a point behind the copter (i.e. 360 degrees) the camera points straight forward. It seems to think the copter is pointed always North or is pointing the camera assuming the camera is always pointing North.

Is there a setting I am missing?

I am running 3.5


Okay, looks like I have found my issue. Seems that since I didn’t have stabilize PAN checked, it was behaving incorrectly. Once checked it is pointing in the correct direction. I have another issue happening now, but I am going to experiment more to see if it may be just a setup issue.