Trouble tuning steering on a hinged / mid articulated heavy machine

Hi all , thanks in advance for your thoughts!

I installed a pixhawk cube on my articulated heavy machinery (roller compactor, front wheel loader, and articulated dump truck). I have steering and throttle control of my machines. I have acro mode tuned very smooth. It feels much better to drive in acro than manual mode.

The BIG exception is when the rover is at 0mph (or very close to 0 speed). And I suspect it is because the pixhawk is mounted on the back half of the articulated hinge.
So… when you’re moving super slow, or not at all, and you command the vehicle to turn left, the hinge turns the vehicle but the back half of the machine actually points to the right.

At 0mph, if you give a tiny turning command, the steering wheel starts oscillating. The frequency gets faster and the magnitude gets bigger, very quickly. Within 2 seconds the oscillation is so violent I need to come out of auto for my own safety.

Another peculiar behavior - in acro mode, moving 0mph, if I turn steering left sometimes the vehicles responds by turning right. And other times it responds by properly turning left. There seems to be no pattern to which way the vehicle actually turns.

Anyone have experience with this? Any parameters I can adjust so that there is no steering input possible at 0mph, and steering input becomes available and more heavily weighted after you pass 1-2 mph?

Or any other ideas on how else I can think about this?

Thank you!