Trouble setting up my Servos

I´m trying to set up a fish feeding boat for fishing. Everything seems to work, but i can´t set up servo functions in the servo tab. For every function it just says diabled and can´t be changed. Any idea what i´m doing wrong?
I also can´t set it to boat mode.
This is my first time using ardupilot, so its probably just a dumb mistake.

mini APM 3.1
rover 2.51


To my knowledge Rover 2.51 does not support this stuff. I don’t know what an APM 3.1 is also.

It’s that FC here. 2.51 is the latest version I can flash with the Mac software. Any other reason my servos don’t work?

Back with 2.51.I don’t think we had the ability to assign servo functions. Post a parameter list.

You are not doing anything wrong you just have a very old Flight Controller. The menus in Mission Planner have moved on years ago as the names of the parameters have changed. It doesn’t make much sense to install such an old and out-of-date FC in a new craft.

But if you insist try setting RC7_FUNCTION or RC8_FUNCTION to 1 which as I recall is passthrough. Then configure a transmitter switch for either chan 7 or 8 and connect your servo to either output chan 7 or 8 respectively. It might work.

Seems like I’m a bit outdated here😅 I got a omnibus f4 pro lying around, can I use that one

Yes! Great choice for your application I think.