Trouble interpreting stabilize performance


I’m having trouble interpreting my dataflash files while in stabilise mode. Reading through the wiki my values for desired roll (des roll) and actual roll (roll) should really well. But I’ve got crazy spikes all over the place.
I don’t see this issue with Alt hold and loiter. Being a noob I’m not sure what I should be looking for.


Would a screenshot help?

I looked at your log in Mission Planner and I don’t seen any obvious problems. It you look at the attached screen grab of the MP plot for desired versus actual roll/pitch for your Stabilize portion it looks fine. The actual follows your desired very well. Unless you weren’t requesting the logged desired roll and pitch amounts, in which case that’s a completely different problem. It may be APM Planner is having a problem correctly plotting your log? Unless you are visually seeing a problem while it’s flying, your log looks satisfactory to me.

You were right. The stable version of APM just couldn’t plot the data. Upgrading to the beta version showed a graph similar to the one you have in mission planner. Unfortunately in beta, some of the functionality, of the graphs are lacking at the moment. Thats the downside of using Mac OS X I guess. Thanks anyway.