Trouble getting correct voltage from Mauch HS-200-HV

I am struggling to get arducopter/mission planner to identify the correct battery voltage using a HS-200-HV I recently received from Craft and Theory.


Mauch provided test results

Measured battery voltage

As you can see, I have updated the parameters with the Voltage divider and A/V ratio numbers provided with my power module, but the battery voltage is obviously incorrect (0.75v). My cell spy voltage meter shows 15.2 volts.

When I manually enter 15.2v in the “measured battery voltage” field, the resulting Vdivider comes out to 384.117%20(38b8af17)

I am using a 4S battery. 2800mah is just the size I had at hand for bench testing; planning on running a 10Ah if that makes any difference. I also tried arming (which is odd; I wouldnt have expected arducopter to let me arm with merely 0.75v) and spin the motors up a bit just to see if it needed more load to read correctly, but that didnt do anything to help.

What am I doing wrong here? @Christian_Mauch

Nevermind. Im an idiot. Power module wasnt even plugged in.

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