Trouble finding GPS coordinates

I’m having trouble finding the exact line where the GPS coordinates information step is made towards my screen real-time.
To this day, I’ve only found that a Log file is created every 1/50 seconds in one of the methods of the arducopter class which calls dataflash.log_write_gps methods.
The method I’m looking for must define some kind of telemetry or a log file (tlog file) sent through mavlink.
Any help or indication will be welcomed.
Thank you.


I am working on a similar project, where I need real time GPS coordinates directly off the bird.
I am using MAVLink to accomplish this.

The 3DR radio is really just a modem, that you can use MAVLink to craft packets to send to the Pixhawk, and then decode what comes back.

The only problem is that the ground control station (Mission Planner) already has exclusive access to the modem.

To solve the problem, I am working on a software based serial port sniffer and will look for the packets which are GPS related, and pull it from the data stream. Basically, I’m using Mission Planner do the requesting, and I am sniffing the responses.

I a coding in Java…

Let me know how you are making out.