Trouble connecting to MissionPlanner using CUAV PW-LINK

I have a CUAV PW-LINK which I bought recently. I followed the instructions as were said on their website but with no luck. It just connects to wifi but in the mission planner, I cannot connect to the pixhawk using UDP link over wifi. I’ve connected PW-LINK to TELEM1.

I tried these fixes with no luck:
1- trying on another computer (older windows 7 machine)
2- turning off the firewall
3- check if the 14550 port is busy on the system or not (which wasn’t)
4- updating the firmware according to their tutorial on their website
5- changing the baudrate of the serial 1 and serial 2 interfaces in mission planner, along with any other setting that was related to this problem that I could have found on the web.
6- resetting full parameters to factory default and reconfigure the whole aircraft
7- reprogramming the firmware of the PW-LINK using a CH340 USB to Serial adapter and change it to MavESP8266 which I guess went well and the wifi came up and I could browse the IP address in Chrome but again in mission planner I could not connect to pixhawk.
8- connecting the PW-LINK to CH340 and sniff the serial bus using my computer just to see if something meaningful is being transmitted from the PW-LINK serial bus when I’m connecting using mission planner, but there was nothing except for a couple of lines showing the boot mode during ESP8266 bootup when I connect the power.

Am I missing something here?
I’m getting desperate, it’s 3 AM in the morning!

I let that go and went for a new unit, it didn’t worth much to work on it furthermore. Please close the topic.