Trouble Calibrating ESC in new version of APM:Copter


I’m having trouble re-calibrating my ESC on the new version on APM:Copter 3.5.4.

I April I had a crash with my hex with minor damage to landing undercarriage. I recently fixed the hex but also upgraded my MissionPlanner to version 1.3.52 and the Pixhawk firmware to version APM:Copter 3.5.4.

My Turnigy ESC is now giving me a beep,beep,beep… alert tone that, according to the documentation, is “Throttle signal is abnormal”

Is there extra parameters I need to set in the new version?


How was the RC calibration? Sticks calibrated correctly?

Hi, yes I re-calibrated the RC successfully.


Mmmm. Looks like my problem is solved. The Frame_class value was not set.