Trouble binding transmitter and receiver

I have the FrSky 2.4 GHz ACCST X8R receiver and the FrSky Taranis Q X7 ACCESS Transmitter. Do these modules work together? How do I get them to bind and communicate with each other? The instructions are rather cryptic and apparently I haven’t been successful in decrypting them.

Take a look at this, i follow Lee on Youtube and he is very good in showing how to do all things radio control.

Why can it be so tricky to get my FrSky receiver bound? - YouTube

ACCST and ACCESS are incompatible and the X8R is not ACCESS compatible. Buy a new Rx that is.

Thanks for the help! The product description should have this info!

You know it may actually work. Flash the ACCST D16 V2.1.0 firmware to the X8R from the Frsky website here X8R download and then in the Internal Module section of the Model setup page select this protocol. Maybe it will work. Nothing to lose…

I got an R8 Access receiver and it worked fine with Transmitter. Thanks