@Stefan, etal,
It will probably not be long before we have DS as a member on this forum if he is not already here. I have dealt with DS on the DIY Drones website and he is a MAJOR Troll. We believe that he is operating under the name of “Brent Crude” now on the DIY Drones website while still maintaining his Drone Savant (DS) membership.
I will not tolerate him and his flaming. He has his own website for clones and he can stay there for all I care. If I can identify him on this website I plan to block his IP as we do not need him here.
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

TCIII: its KF, just kill the account.

also kill this thread while you are at it … apm2-board


Believe it or not, the name KF is using on DIY Drones does not exist in the membership data base. He has gotten membership privileges without being in the database.
Thanks for the heads up.
Tom C

I’m all for a rather hard moderation style but maybe we should ban users based on their actual behavior in this forum. is a tech support forum, meaning, it’s scope is less broad than DIYD’s and as such provides less space for trolling.

As for blocking the IP, this should be handled with great care! Consumer internet connections use dynamic IPs in most cases, so if someone is surfing from home, all he need to overcome an IP block is to reset his modem/router or simply tell it to get a new IP and he’s back. And then another (legitimate) user might run into that IP block.

Points well made. DS is one of your most vicious types of Trolls. He will start flame wars just to have fun.
Tom C ArduRover2 Developer

About DS / Brent Crude:
I suggest the following procedure:

If the person registers here and writes a post which is just a mm outside the boundaries, we give him a formal warning. If he then again writes a post that’s out of bounds, we not only block him but also write an abuse report to the respective internet provider. If it’s just a consumer internet connection, that might not cause too much trouble, although some providers react pretty strongly to those reports.
If he was surfing from work, his employer might not be amused by receiving a complaint about one of the employees violating rules from their work computers…

I expect he is here already its only a matter of time.

DS runs his own show and has his own firm. He is a specialist in providing ways to prevent websites and corporate intranets from being hacked.:slight_smile: Therefore he knows all of the ins and outs of hacking a website and corporate intranets.
Tom C Developer