Trims Deactivating Cruise / navigation Mode

I set up cruise mode which works, but when I trim the rudder just a little bit, even just a couple clicks, the cruise mode thinks I am commanding a turn and stops track following. How can I set it so that I can increase the trim range so that trimming my plane will not deactivate navigation modes ???


How do you think ardupilot can discover difference between stick and trim?

Answering my question with another question does not help me at all. BUT, I will answer your question.

The autopilot would not need to know the difference between Trim and stick movement. All that would be needed would be very simple programming that let the autopilot " ignore " a specified amount of channel movement from center. What would be perfect would be an adjustable amount, which I would set so that the autopilot remained in navigation mode at any command position throughout the standard trim rangeā€¦ VERY SIMPLE.

Now the question is , how did Adrupilot set this up, and did they consider the possibility that channels would be trimmed from their center positions ???


No clue really. Just remembered there is a dead zone parameter, but not sure how this would , or if, it would work for your issue.

RC1_DZ: RC dead-zone