Trim vs.?

Hey guys, I am still have a problem where stock params have my Iris pitching forward a bit. It’s maybe 15%, It also rolls right slightly, maybe 7%, and this is with ZERO WIND… It’s enough to make it really hard to use STB mode.

Does this mean something is wrong with my props?

If I TRIM it out, it fixes it instantly. I have to trim the pitch maybe 5 clicks, and the roll I think 3.

But I know NOT to TRIM, so I wonder what I can do now?

I did do the Accel Calibration, but I thought I did it wrong and so I reloaded Stock Iris Params - not sure if this overwrites calibration or not though. I was not confident what I did was correct, it seemed so haphazard as it lays on its frame edges, and I am not sure those are perpendicular and flat.

Also, one time when I landed kind of hard (not really) the motors cut out and it just beeped at me. Then it beeped periodically. It was solid green light (GPS OK; ARMED) and the motors were not spinning, and I could not arm or disarm it. I turned off the safety and turned it back on (solid again) and it still wouldn’t let me rearm. This happened twice. Unplugging the battery fixes it though, of course. I had enormous clouds moving in and poor HDOP enough that I couldn’t use LTR. Any ideas what mode it got stuck in and how to reset it from there?

Thanks in advance!!


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I have the same issue on the pitch forward. Have been reading about the save trim and auto trim but I was hoping someone from 3dr would address either in my thread or this thread.

Loading the Iris param file does not reset the accelerometer offsets. You need to do that again yourself. I have glued a small bubble spirit on my quads and Iris so I can get exact level (glue just near where the antenna come out the back)

you can trim your craft using this mechanism see

the params that are changed are here … Iris.param

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Bill… Smart idea on the level !!