Trim-Error on channels aren’t used

Hi copterpilots

In the flight-data window of the mission planner are continuously error messages (for example):

CH9 (CH13, CH14 etc.) trim lower than minimum.

I use the S.BUS output of the Futaba receiver. These unused channels are not calibrated and also on the transmitter, Futaba T14SG, not used. In the previous Arducopter firmware, I solved the problem by correcting the values in the parameter list and save the data. After the update to V 3.6.6 appears the problem again.
My work around is, to configure all these channels to one transmitter potentiometer and calibrate them in mission planner. But what will all the other users do in the case of haven’t so much channels on their transmitter?

Please correct these errors in the next stable version by having usual default values for trim-values greater than the minimum values.

Arducopter V 3.6.6 and previous versions

Please update Mission Planner

Hallo ppoirer,
thank you for the suggestion. Please look into the jpeg.


Well that is another problem, you need to click many times or request beta
Otherwise you can override tim as here