Trim/Endpoints BEFORE radio calibration?

Hello all,

I have searched for hours after a good answer for this. Im running APM Plane 3.3 on a Phantom FX-61 It flies ok but the rudders are not really meant to be pushed 100% each way. I can hear how the servos are not enjoying the situation…

My question, can I set up the endpoints in manual mode to suit my plane with the right throws before a radio calibration is made? I have read that a mechanical adjustment is the best but that would require some work(loctite, glue, drilling etc…) In my mind this approach should work but I have not found anyone asking this except me regarding another plane… :slight_smile:

Any ideas?

Regards and thanks for the best FC!

Anyone that has some ideas?


you can adjust RC min and max on outputs on the desired channels. very simple task, works nicely.