Trigging two cameras - CAM1 and CAM2 - at the same time

We have a Sony ILX-LR1 trigged by GPIO and a FLIR Vue Pro trigged by PWM. Both cameras trig if I set them as CAM1. The camera used as CAM2 never trigs. The only setting changed beeing CAM1_TYPE = 1 and CAM2_TYPE = 2.

The camera used as CAM1 trigs ok, the camera used as CAM2 don’t trig. This is tested using the “Trigger Camera NOW” command in Mission Planner. I don’t know if the behaviour is the same using the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command in a Auto Mission. If the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL works for both cameras I can live with that - anyone know?

Uploaded the two parameter files used to recreate the issue.

AP 4.4.4 Flir Vue Pro.param (692 Bytes)
AP 4.4.4 Sony ILX Working.param (688 Bytes)

The AP used is a Cube Orange running FW 4.4.4 - VTOL enabled.