Triggering events on aux channel input

I’m working on a rather odd project where I’ve got an Arduino microcontroller that has a servo output on a certain event happening, I want to log this into the pixhawk I’m using along with the GPS coordinates, and ideally get an alert in mission planner live as the aux channel switches from low to max, I thought about using the save waypoint function, but the plane will be flying a mission when these servo events happen, so what about the status messages system (the messages tab in mission planner), is there some feature to use that to send arbitrary messages?

Why not control the servo directly with scripting? You can can then send whatever messages you like back to the GCS, and I think also log (i’m not sure about this).

I’m not using a servo, just a servo input on the pixhawk, I’m using an esp8266 in part of a challenge to track people by mac address (don’t worry the two people I’m tracking did consent to it, they’re a pair of armed forces cadets and are seeing if they can avoid being caught by a pair of geeks for 48h within a limited area of a national park). The code pulls one of the aux pins on the pixhawk to max servo as a way of signifying the event. but the scripting seems powerful, i’ll look into it, thanks a lot

ah, I see, you could set that aux pin as RSSI input, you then would get a nice 0 - 100% in the log. No messages but it is reported back to the GCS. This would work right out of the box.

Sounds like a interesting project, would make a great blog post!

hmm I guess that could work, i’ll have to pay close attention to the GCS, was really trying to find a lazier solution that just drops pins on the map haha, but i’ll figure it out

Maybe set it up as camera feedback? I’m not sure what the exact signal looks like for that, maybe you could use a servo signal to trigger it or maybe not. You might have to change your arduino output to better reflect what a camera trigger feedback would look like.

Either way, if it works, the end result would be a pin dropped on the GCS map (At least on MissionPlanner, probably others as well) and the actual GPS data for each point is saved somewhere in the logs.

That sounds perfect tbh, do I need to configure a camera shutter output for camera feedback to work? How do I get mission planner to mark the pins, does it just do it automatically? Sorry for asking so many noob questions, I’m not familiar at all with this area of arduplane lol