Trigger two cameras - Cam1 and Cam2 - from Mission Planner


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We have a Sony ILX-LR1 trigged by GPIO and a FLIR Vue Pro trigged by PWM. Both cameras trig if I set them as CAM1. The camera used as CAM2 never trigs. The only setting changed beeing CAM1_TYPE = 1 and CAM2_TYPE = 2.

The camera used as CAM1 trigs ok, the camera used as CAM2 don’t trig. This is tested using the “Trigger Camera NOW” command in Mission Planner. I don’t know if the behaviour is the same using the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command in a Auto Mission. If the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL works for both cameras I can live with that - anyone know?

How may I use the newer camera trigger commands from Mission Planner?

Cube Orange, FW 4.4.4, VTOL Enabled

Uploaded the two parameter files used to recreate the issue.
AP 4.4.4 Flir Vue Pro.param (692 Bytes)
AP 4.4.4 Sony ILX Working.param (688 Bytes)