Trigger failsafe based on remote GCS link status


I’m using a Pixhawk connected to a Raspberry Pi through the Telemetry port, to feed mavproxy running on the Pi with telemetry data. Mavproxy is in turn forwarding this over a 4G/VPN link to a mavproxy instance running on a server on the ground, which in turn forwards this to Mission Planner running on my laptop.

Pixhawk --cable–> Pi(Mavproxy) --4G–> Server(Mavproxy) --> Laptop(Mission Planner)

This setup works great. However, it would be awesome if I could configure Plane to trigger failsafe when communication is lost with Mission Planner (last GCS in the chain).

Is this possible? I have searched the forums to no avail, so I’m afraid it’s not possible.

Thanks for putting so much effort into this fantastic piece of software!


As far as I know that isn’t possible. The ArduPilot in the plane has no way of knowing that the link to MP has been lost.
Thanks, Grant.