Trigger camera on AC 3.4.2

Can anybody help us?
We have serious problems with the camera triggering in auto missions.
We have done serveral tests in channel 7, channel 10 and channel 12.
CH 7 OPTION - 9 (trigger camera)
RC 7 Function - 0 (disbled to let mission planner get this out in auto missions)

We have tested too with RC function in 10 option (trigger camera) getting same results. We can´t obtain photos in auto mission with the command Do Digicam Control.

Same reuslts too with channel 10 and 12.

We have a canon Ixus 160 with CHDK firmware. With firmwares AC 3.3.X never have these problems.

Any idea, or somebody with the same headache? :smiley:
Thanks for all.
Daniel Carregal.

Here is a link to a thread with my Pixhawk settings: