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Trigger Camera Now with Tuffwing Cable - Problem

I’m following this Tuffwing page to setup up a Canon Elph130(IXUS140) with Pixhawk and the Tuffwing Cable. I have the CHDK loaded with the script below as per the instructions.

Tuffwing Page:
CHDK Script:

Once I try to trigger the camera on the base map on mission planner nothing happens, even when fully armed and the camera says “waiting on USB”
The photos show all of the setting that I am aware of, am I missing somthing?

Servo end of the cable is plugged into the Aux out 2 = Servo10

The only thing is, under initial setup > camera gimbal > shutter > Pushed: 2200 is the max mission planner will allow and just keeps switching back to this and NOT 3000. Do these value need to be tailored to the ELPH130 or are they general?

Also could it be a power issue?
I am running a ESC: HobbyKing 50Amp, Linear BEC 2amp MAX.

The page also says: “Lock your SD card, insert it into your camera, and turn your camera on”, don’t know what that means? As in slide the lock on the side of the SD, surely not since that will block the card from the camera??



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