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Trigger bait boat trigger

I hope that you can possibly help me with my pixhawk. I have such a bait boat. I would like to accomplish that the flaps automatically go as manually on the flaps will fire you servos. I can control the servos via servo function to 0 with the command do set servo after the waypoint but if I want to do that manually I have to set the servo function to 1 so I run it via the remote control. Sorry for the english writing on the translator of google.

Any one know how to do this? think you want to send you the boat out to a way point and when the boat reaches the waypoint it pixhawk will send a signal to a servo to release hoppers.

I am wanting the same solution,

I would think a DO SET SERVO command would do it. I’ll have to check Mission Planner and see if that is the thing to call it.

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